Web analytics

At Next Research, we research and implement the data solutions for your online needs. We enable you analyse all of your digital contact-points in one integrated system to measure how one variable affects another. Bring all of your online data together to segment your audiences and understand what your customers really need. Personalise each touch-point for the needs of your audience. Use customised dashboards and share data with the teams that need it.     


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Data Consulting, connecting people to insights

Behaviour analysis 

Share insights among teams

Understand what influences the behaviour of your website visitors. Make improvements to your 

website that optimise your users’ experience and there by optimise engagement and conversion.

Session Replays and heat-maps. See how your users behave by visualising their mouse, click and 

scroll patterns.


Social network cluster analysis (SNA)

Advanced statistical modelling

The law of 6 degrees of separation explains that every person in the world is connected through 6 people. That is the power of a social network. Our network analysis enable you to find your voice online and reach the people that are the most relevant for you and your services. 

Event & path reporting 

Create and contact leads

Visualise the path users take to reach the goal of the website. By understating the customer journey, 

you will understand the factors that effect the performance of your goal, and be able to optimise 

for those factors. 


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