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Updated: 21 January 2020


Next Research and those affiliates (herein collectively referred to as “Next Research”, “us” or “we”) makes this content available on its website containing a link to this Terms of Service statement (the “Sites”) under the conditions detailed in the following terms and conditions (the “Terms”). We may change these Terms from time to time without providing any notice in advance, we suggest that you check periodically. The Terms as stated in this document were last updated on December 17, 2019.
You agree to the stated Terms by accessing and using the Sites. Please refer to the for more information on Next Research’s activities and policies in relation to the collection, use and recording of our users’ data.  

1. Copyrights

All material, content and operating functionality on the Sites, including images, wording, icons, logos, videos, illustrations, graphics and the positioning there of, as well as any theory, knowledge, tools, frameworks, software, process, industry perspective, either embedded or in the foreground, plus any advancements to works thereof (collectively “Site Material”) is sole property of Next Research and to the range applicable, is protected by Dutch and international copyright laws. Neither the functionality of the Sites of the Site Material may be duplicated, replicated, adapted, reverse engineered may be published, transmitted, shared or made available or in any way distributed without the necessary written permission unless under the conditions detailed in "2. Use of site material".

2. Use of site material

Next Research herewith allows limited permission for you to access, display, download and print one single copy of the Site Material on any single computer only for internal business uses, with the condition that the Site Material is not altered in any way, keep all copyrights and other notices displayed within the Site Material and that you comply with these conditions. The permission granted above is recoverable, non-transferable and non-exclusive. No part of the Site Material is to be interpreted or implied as permitting either directly or indirectly any rights to the use of Next Research’s intellectual property in ways other than outlined in this document. If you do not comply with the Terms, this licence is instantly and automatically null and void. Neither the functionality of the Sites of the Site Material may be duplicated, replicated, adapted, reverse engineered may be published, transmitted, shared or made available or in any way distributed without the necessary written permission. The Site material may not be “mirrored” in any way or any section of the Site Material without the intentional and express written consent of Next Research.

3. Disclaimer

No warranty of any kind, be it implied, implicated or directly stated, without limitation is applicable to the Sites, where the content is available “as is”. Next Research makes no warrantees, implied, implicated or otherwise stated as to the accuracy, ownership and adequacy of the Sites or Site Material. We shall have no responsibility or liability for any information available on websites linking to this document. You remain entirely responsible for the use of all Site Material and admit that dependance on the Sites or Site Material shall be entirely at your own choice and risk. All content on the Sites and the functioning there of is published in the belief that Next Research in herein not engaged in providing any professional services and advice to you. Nether Next Research nor its third party service providers may have any liability, indirectly, incidental or profits, regardless of prior knowledge or advise of the possibility of such losses or damages, and is not subject to the theory of liability.

4. Notice of transgression and removal by Next Research

Next Research does not allow any publication or transmutation of information that transgresses or violets the copyright rights. If you hold the belief that Next Research has, with the Site Material, violated your right to intellectual property, please write to Next Research giving a written statement that includes all (1) through (6) of the items listed below to the address also listed below. ​

1. A statement of the work under copyright and/or intellectual property licence said to have been violated;
2. A statement of the said infringing content on the Sites that is requested to be removed;
3. A statement of good faith belief that the use of the content under copyright is not allowed by the owner or the pertaining law;
4. Under penalty of perjury, a statement that the signatory is allowed to act for the owner of the right to the property under infringement, accompanied by a statement in the notification is true and accurate;
5. Your name, address, phone number and an email address if applicable; and
6. The authentic signature of the owner of the property rights, or someone allowed on behalf of the owner to enforce the transgression of the property rights.​

Next Research will remove any posted submission that infringes the copyright or other intellectual property right of any person under Dutch law upon receipt of such a statement.

5. Governing law; jurisdiction

These Terms are governed by the laws of The Netherlands without reference to the principles of conflicts of laws thereof.

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