Data ToolKit

1. Research

Expert Review

Our connected network of software partners lend an external perspective and help data and software projects by identifying which areas should be prioritised, screening for errors and sharing leading industry knowledge.

Data & Software Prototyping

Develop and test new software and data ideas fast, while keeping risks low. We research, build and test real working software to deliver reliable data and software tools. 

Online Strategy

How can we use data to help our customers, what changes to our digital touch-points will make a meaningful difference for the customer? Use data to answer important questions about your digital presence.

Idea Sessions

We work closely with customers to develop new and relevant ideas for data and software solutions. Collaborative idea sessions bring together expertises and creativity to innovate and explore the possibilities of data.

2. Develop

Software & Web Development

Use data to improve or build new software and web products. Understand what users want and develop digital experiences that automatically leverage the power of data and tailor user experiences for each user.

Data Engineering

Build integrated and automated big data capabilities tailored to the needs of you business. We help businesses solve complex data challenges and build scalable business intelligence and web analytics data solutions that combine data to generate real insights and thereby real business value.

Data Intergration

Combine data from multiple sources and tools, share data visualisations with teams in the company and use data in effective strategy to generate real value from data. Next Research allows you to seamlessly integrate and visualise data from multiple sources and tools, giving you a complete data overview of your online touch-points and business as a whole without the use of expensive plug-ins.

3. Visualise

Purpose Built Dashboards

Next Research uses a unique process to research what each customer needs from data. A package of data visualisations is built around what each company needs. Understand your business with data, share visualisations and analytics with your teams and make informed improvements to your website, app or online system as whole.

Advanced Data Visualisation

Expand the boundaries of simple data visualisations with rich, detailed and interactive data software. Our purpose built visualisations automatically combine, analyse and share in a way that is understandable and actionable while solving complex data challenges.

Online & App Data Analysis

Gathering actionable insights from big data is difficult. Next Research understands the importance real insight, we help businesses understand data and implement structures that turn data into working strategy.

4. Share

Data Maintenance & Technical Support

We consult on complex data challenge and build data solutions around your business and customer needs. Additionally, our maintenance and testing program ensures that your data and software stays operational, and assist in solving technical data errors and challenges.

Regular Data Feedback Sessions

We provide periodic feedback sessions that analyse and present your data. We regularly analyse your data and share with you our expert opinion and leading industry insights to keep you up to date and motivate a mindset of continual improvement based on data.

Data Training & Workshops

Whether onboarding your teams to new software or investing in data skills, we share our data and software expertise and network. We provide rich and interactive data training programs that enable your team to leverage the capability of data by understanding, sharing, strategising and acting on data insights.

Share Access & Data Visualisation

Securely manage which teams are able to view which data and automatically schedule reports and notifications. Enable managers to stay update with business activities and allow experts to run detailed analyses with separate log-in rights and data visualisations.

Data consulting. Connecting people
to insights.

Do you have a big idea for a new website, online strategy or app, or simply a technical data problem? Next Research connects people to data insights. Give us a call, write us an email or reach out to us on LinkedIn or Slack to get in touch. 

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