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Next Research and those associated (Herein collectively referred to at as, “Next Research”, “us” or “we”) recognise that privacy is important to you and are dedicated to our transparency about the technologies that we use. This Cookie Policy details why and how cookies, internet beacons and other related technologies (together “Analytics and Other Tracking Technologies”) could be accessed and started on your device when you access or make use of any app or website that contains a link to this Cookie Policy (collectively, “the Sites”). Please read this Cookie Policy together with our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. ​You agree that we can access and store Analytics and Other Tracking Technologies as described in this Cookie Policy: By continuing to use or browse the Sites.

Analytics and Other Tracking Technologies

Cookies are small sections of text that are stored on your device when you reach the Sites, and can be accessed by us from your device. The Analytics and Other Tracking Technologies are able to place small files on your devices that enable Next Research to monitor your activities on the Sites and collect information about how you use the Sites. We are able to distinguish your device from other visitors on the Sites. The information that we have provided below about Cookies, apples to other mentioned Analytics and Other Tracking Technologies.

Our use of Analytics and Other Tracking Technologies

The use of persistent cookies includes recording of your acceptance of our use of cookies and the policy thereof by clicking the message that first appears when landing on the Sits. We have implemented and use persistent cookies to improve the experience you have when using the Sites. ​Our Cookies are used for the following purposes:

Session cookies

Next Research uses session cookies for the purposes mentioned above in the section “Our use of Analytics and Other Tracking Technologies” and those mentioned below in the section “Our cookies are used for the following purposes”. Session cookies are used temporarily and are removed from your device upon closing of your web browser. You are able to refuse our use of cookies by triggering the appropriate settings in your internet browsing program. If you select certain settings, you may not be able to access parts of the Sites. At the moment your browser directs you to the Sites, unless you have adjusted your browser settings to refuse cookies, we will initiate cookies, Analytics and Other Tracking Technologies.

Persistant cookies

Next Research uses Analytics and Other Tracking Technologies to monitor your use of the Sites, identify and remember you, your preferences and your interests. Additionally we use Analytics and Other Tracking Technologies to handle any request you make to us and protect the Sites.

Types of cookies


These cookies may allow is to “remember” who you are between your website visits. For example we will record how you adjusted the Sites and services, text sizes, languages and other adjustable elements on the Sites as well as your user name, and customise the Sites format and appearance to the alterations that you have performed.

Testing / Tool evaluation

These Cookies enable us to test and compare a variety of Analytics and Other Tracking Technologies. For example we may use two tracking programs in parallel to compare the performance of the two tracking softwares. We do this as a means of testing some of the tools that we use as part of our own services, to ensure that our customers are using the most up to date, best performing and relevant data technologies.

Strictly Necessary / Technical

The use of Technical / Strictly Necessary cookies enables us to operate the Sites so you are able to use them as you requested. These cookies may enable us to, for example, record previous actions that you have taken in the same browsing session, secure the Sites and identify when you have created and account and/or logged into your account.

Analytical / Performance

These cookies are used both by us and additional third parties to analyse how the Sites are performing and how they are used by you. For example, the Analytics and Other Tracking Technologies record which of the Sites pages are most frequently visited and form which locations the Sites are accessed from. In the case that you register for a news letter, send an email through the Sites, download the Sites content, such as PDF documents, these cookies may be connected to you. An example of these cookie are Google Analytics cookies.

Withdraw and refuse the consent to Cookies, Analytics and Other Tracking Technologies

To refuse Cookies being remembered on your device, adjust the settings of your internet browser to decline some or all of the Cookies on the Sites. Please note that should you configure your browser to reject all Cookies including those technical and strictly necessary, you may not be able to access or make use of all areas or functionalities of the Sites. You can manually delete the Cookies at any time if you want to remove previously obtained Cookies. This will not stop the Sites from placing additional Cookies on your devices in the future, unless you configure the settings in your browser as described above.

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