Data Consulting

Business intelligence

Shareholder & Network Cluster Analysis

Organise complex data into relationship maps that visualise how your network is made up or how your stakeholders are inter-connected.

B2B Lead Identification

Identify companies that visit your website and automatically create lists of leads. Enrich lead lists by adding each companys’ KVK information (e.g. industry, financial figures, employees and contact details).

APIs, Integrations & Technical Support

Combine data from multiple sources and tools, share data visualisations with teams in the company and use data in effective strategy to generate real value.

Path & Journey Mapping

Visualise how users experience your business online by mapping the journey they take to reach specific goals on your website or app.

Website Automation & Personalisation

Make your website or app appear different for every visitor based on geo-locations, interests and their browsing behaviour elsewhere on the internet.

Purpose-Built Dashboards

Specialised dashboards allow you to combine all your company and website data in one place, visualise and share this data through the company.

Data consulting. Connecting people
to insights.

Next Research is a data consulting service. We research and implement data tools for you, as well as the the platforms and structures to turn data into working strategy. Next Research is dedicated to connecting people to insights, making data accessible to every organisation so as to change the way we think, communicate and make decisions.​

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