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Combine data from across the organisation to create a complete overview of your business. Identify the variables that drive your success and share that data with the people that need it. Our research will also enable you to implement the structures and frameworks that turn data into working strategy. We research and implement data solutions for your businesses needs and build specialised dashboards for your teams.


We research what data tools you need, to be able to combine and share all of your data from one place.


Build a solution around your needs to combine the data from all of your tools.


We use advanced data visualisation to turn the data into dashboards that anyone can understand. 


Share this visualisation with the people in the company that need it, so that they can all use the data. 

Data Value

Use theories and frameworks to take the data visualisation and turn it into a working strategy. 

Our data solutions

B2B Lead Identification

Identify which companies visit your website and combine it with their registered KVK information (Contact details, profits, employees, industry).

API's, Integrations & Technical Support

Combine data from multiple sources and multiple formats to visualise all of your data together, giving you a complete overview, and the ability to identify causality.

Website Automation & Personalisation

Make your website appear different for every visitor based on where they are, what they are interested in and their browsing behaviour elsewhere on the internet.

Customised Dashboards

Our purpose built dashboards combine all your data in one place. You will get a complete overview of the companies data and share it with the teams that need it. 

Path & Journey Mapping

Visualise with the use of custom made dashboards the path users take to reach a specific goal on your website. By understating the customer journey, you will be able to optimise for those factors.  

Network & Stakeholder Clustering

We enable you to visualise “who is connected to who”, which companies and job titles. Understand how your network is made up and segment and streamline your communication.

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