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Next Research is a data consulting service in Amsterdam. We research and build data software, as well as the theories and structures that turn data into working strategy. Next Research is dedicated to connecting people to insights, making data accessible to every organisation so as to change the way we think, communicate and make decisions.​ We believe that by connecting organisations and the people in them to data, they may make impactful and lasting decisions, building a better future for everyone.


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Meet our team

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Quentin Beukelman
Data Engineer
Mashrur Haider
AI & Advanced Analytics Advisor
Carine Engbers
Marketing & Account Manager
Lorenzo Merlo
Business Development
Meet out team
Carine Engbers
Marketing Manager
Robin Rose
Data Analyst
Lorenzo Merlo
Solutions Specialist
Quentin Beukelman
Data Consultant

How do we connect people to data insights?

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Do you have a big idea for a new website, online strategy or app, or simply a technical data problem? Next Research connects people to data insights. Give us a call, write us an email or reach out to us on LinkedIn or Slack to get in touch. 

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