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Next Research is a data consulting service. We research and implement data tools for you, as well as the the platforms and structures to turn data into working strategy. Next Research is dedicated to connecting people to insights, making data accessible to every organisation so as to change the way we think, communicate and make decisions.

We believe that by connecting organisations and the people in them to data, they may make impactful and lasting decisions, building a better future for everyone.    


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What we do

Next Research is built on partnerships, we connect software vendors to businesses looking to implement data based solutions. Next Research has built, combined and tested software packages for businesses to analyse their website or combine data with business intelligence. A close partnership with software vendors gives us access to the latest tools. Our consulting services enables you to implement data-based solutions through-out your organisation. 


Web analytics

We make dashboards and data software products for digital and marketing agencies, web-shops and online businesses. Our tools enable you to collect and combine more data to understand what effects the behaviour of your web visitors. Create a complete picture of your web performance, set hypothesis, personalise and automate to experience real online results.


Business intelligence

Next Research is a data consulting service, we research and implement tools for the analysis of business data. We help businesses bring all of their business data into one place and share it across their teams. Real value comes when you are able to implement data across the organisation and that it is used in the formulation of effective strategy. 


How we do it

On the one hand Next Research works closely with software vendors to develop and combine data products, these are out partners. On the other hand we help businesses piece together the tools and strategies to build their business with data, as a consulting service. 

Our knowledge base

We have built an online library that brings together all the latest data tools and techniques. Within our knowledge base we are able to, use models and processes to uncover what you need from the data, compare tools, platforms and implementations and automatically generate repots to share our knowledge base.

The Optimisation Rhythm

The Optimisation Rhythm is about setting the steps into motion that turn information into action. Data is data. Strategy is value. The Optimisation Rhythm is a process that sets goals, actionable steps and measures progress of data implementation and the value it generates. The unique process lays out the actions you need to take and when, to turn data into effective strategy. You will learn how to use your data and implement data throughout the organisation.  

Company user manuals

The user manuals are about implementing data tools company wide. We help you build a platform for sharing databased insights, creating strategies and understanding tools. The user manual enables companies to implement tools uniformly and set the processes for generating value with data.


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