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Next Research is a data consulting service. We research and implement data tools for you, as well as the the platforms and structures to turn data into working strategy. Next Research is dedicated to connecting people to insights, making data accessible to every organisation so as to change the way we think, communicate and make decisions.

We believe that by connecting organisations and the people in them to data, they may make impactful and lasting decisions, building a better future for everyone.    


What we do

Web analytics

Analyse all of your digital touch-points to see how customers are engaging with your brand  

Business intelligence

Combine data from across the organisation to measure what effects the success of your business 

Let's build a dashboard together

Data Consulting, connecting people to insights


Our Story 

Every business has factors that are important to their success. Next Research came out of a need to get and share clear insights in an organisation. We, as three young business students saw an opportunity to make data accessible to every organisation. Our aim is to connect people to insights. 

There is so much data and data tools available, that getting meaningful insights has become difficult. The idea is to bring people and insights closer together. Our solution is simple, connect software vendors to businesses and businesses in need of working data software. We to research and make dashboards for businesses and teams, supported by the processes of turning data into actionable strategy.     



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