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Next Research is a data consulting service in Amsterdam. We research and build data software, as well as the theories and structures that turn data into working strategy. Next Research is dedicated to connecting people to insights, making data accessible to every organisation so as to change the way we think, communicate and make decisions.​ We believe that by connecting organisations and the people in them to data, they may make impactful and lasting decisions, building a better future for everyone

Business intelligence.

Data Consulting

Combine data from across the organisation to create a complete overview of your business. Identify the variables that drive the success of your business and share that data with the people that need it. Our research will enable you to implement the structures and frameworks that turn data into working strategy. We research and implement data solutions for your businesses needs and build specialised dashboards for your teams.

Stakeholder Clustering

Organise complex data into relationship maps that visualise how your network is made up or how your stakeholders are inter-connected.

Data Solutions

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Network & stakeholder clustering

Web analytics.

Data Consulting

At Next Research, we research and implement the data solutions for your online needs. We enable you to analyse all of your digital contact-points in one integrated system that allows you to measure how one variable affects another. Bring all of your online data together to segment your audiences and understand what your customers really need. Personalise each touch-point for the needs of your audience. Use customised dashboards and share data with the teams that need it.

Website Automation

Make your website or app appear different for every visitor based on geo-locations, interests and their browsing behaviour elsewhere on the internet.

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Online data consulting

The first step is to research what both the customer and their customers need from data, and match it to the correct data tools.



Online data consulting

Then we build a tailor made data solution that bings together all of the needed capabilities into one software product.



Online data consulting

Next Research uses advanced data visualisations that translate complex data into dashboards and data graphics that anyone can understand.



Online data consulting

Share data visualisations with your teams and employees, giving them the power to take action and make informed decisions.


Data Value

Online data consulting

Use theories and frameworks to transform data visualisations into working, actionable strategy, and thereby value for the business and its customers.

Use Case.


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The TeldersStichting is a liberal think tank organisation under the Dutch political party, the VVD. The TeldersStichting conducts and distributes liberal research, columns and articles. For the TeldersStichting it is important to link an interest reader the the publications that they may be looking for.

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